• Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

    140ton-2800ton High Performace Servo Motor Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

    Technical Parameter

    High Classic

    >High Quality

    >High Precision


    >High Efficiency



    ★Larger tie-bar distance and longer mold open stroke

    ★Reasonable oil circuit design, improve operation speed and energy-saving; Can save 2%-6% raw materials of 90% products for the customers.

    ★Reinforced platens, Thicker tie-bars, High rigidity frame designing, Improve the operation stability and service life of the machine.

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    Nylon Tape

    ★According to the characteristics of nylon tape mold, the optimized design of nylon tape special platens protects the mold, protects the tie bar and prolongs the service life of the machine.

    ★Strengthened formwork, frame, hinge and other components, the machine is more rigid and durable.

    ★PA special barrel screw, good plasticizing effect, fast melting speed, and barrel screw unique design, drainage, exhaust, to ensure product quality.

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    Sole Special

    ★ The most advantance double CPU control technology is adpoted

    ★ 100 MCAN digital communication is used for controlling machine movement with higher control precision and faster response speed

    ★ Equipped with high-end new model servo motor. Featured by high torque. Low noise and longer Durability

    ★ High Response closed loop control mode make the system pressure and flow stable and accurate

    ★ The corresponding power is outputted according to system load. It's more energy saving. The oil temperature is low.

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    Preform Special

    ★The special screw for PET can significantly increase the melt speed and injection volume, reduce the plasticizing temperature and AA value, effectively improve the shrinkage and transparency of bottle blank, and the special plasticizing component for PET can ensure high speed and high quality plasticizing under low shear conditions.

    ★By increases the power of oil pump motor can realize efficient production, faster than standard machines.

    ★The screw and plasticized components are chromium plated on the surface, which makes the anti-accumulation material cleaner and more durable.

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    Medical Special

    ★Clean mold closing mechanism design: the tie bar does not need to be used as the guide of moving platen, so it does not need lubricating oil, completely eliminating the pollution caused by lubrication when the tie bar of common mold closing mechanism is used as the guide.

    ★The fully enclosed design conforms to GMP certification standard, and the cleaning door is set to facilitate the disinfection and cleaning of the whole machine.

    ★Energy saving, efficient servo system, reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs.