• Customer Services

    Service Goal: Beyond Customer Expections, Beyond Industry Standards.

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    Pre-Sale Service

    Think about Customer's Needs

    1,Provide free technical advisory servce for users.

    2,Provide cataloguem, business profile,credit certificates&other information.

    3,Visit product design,process flow&quality control system.

    4,Free design and type selection accoding to site condition and user's needs.

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    In-Sale Service

    Customer Participation

    In the process of production manufacturing, the relevant technical personnel of users are invited to visit our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and the inspection standards and results of products are provides to the relevant technical personnel of users.

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    After-Sales Service

    Value-added Service

    1,Technical training should be carried out according to users's needs, and products should be improved in time according to user's needs.

    2,The customer calls and letters are processed within 8 hours, and the service engineer is on standby 24 hours.

    3, If the fault is not processed, the service engineer can not leave the site, and the customer's permission is required to leave the site.

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    24 Hours Hotline

    Rapid Response

    Factory Add:No.588, 2nd Road, Binhai Zone, Wenzhou, China.
    24 Hours Hotline:

    Tel:+86-577-86805666 / 86805777 FAX: +86-577-86610888
    E-mail: sales@sunbun-machinery.com